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@GuiltyTags Innocence en Danger McCANN Paris

@GuiltyTags by Innocence in Danger – Using a social network to highlight the network of violence against children.

Advertising agency McCANN Paris has partnered with Innocence in Danger, a worldwide movement for the protection of children to create @GuiltyTags, a social media campaign which illustrates the responsibility of communities for their children. Using Instagram, it tells the stories of 9 children based on real cases – then tags all the people responsible for what happened to those children. To recreate each community – 60 profiles and more than 1650 posts were created. By exploring each profile linked to each child – people can discover how each person was responsible – whether by neglect, direct action or simply by failing to speak up about the signs. The story of Sophie for example, who was severally neglected - can be discovered by clicking on tags that link to people like her dad, doctor and teacher – where you’ll discover small but alarming signs that she is being hurt and that no one is taking action. A true social campaign that uses the tag functionality enables @GuiltyTags to intricately recreate communities on social media – and in turn allows people to explore them in endless ways to discover the shared responsibility.

  • Instagram campaign
  • Digital Billboard
Innocence en Danger GuiltyTags McCANN Paris Innocence en Danger GuiltyTags McCANN Paris Innocence en Danger GuiltyTags McCANN Paris

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