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McCANN Bordeaux 2050 Cannes Lions

Bordeaux 2050, the real taste of global warming.

Despite the fact that Global Warming is a reality, many feel it as a distant, abstract problem. So we decided to give people a tangible proof of Climate Change by launching a new wine: we created Bordeaux 2050, the real taste of global warming. We partnered with researchers, scientists and wine experts, who used climate and weather data projection on the next 30 years to simulate the exact taste of a Bordeaux grown in 2050. We selected grapes from different parts of the world, where those extreme conditions of heat, drought and cold already exist. The result was an inferior composition: 2 to 4 degrees heat waves diminished the aroma, drought gave a bitter and drier taste, devastating frost and hailstorms caused fruit wastage. The special vintage of 400 bottles was launched in the Museum of Wine in Paris at an event gathering key decision makers: journalists, scientists, sommeliers as well as influential members of the French political elite, including climate skeptics. Following the launch event of the limited vintage of Bordeaux 2050 and the uploading of and despite its poor taste it became the most Googled wine in the world. Consequently, the French Association of Journalists for the Environment received an increase of 27% mentions on social media, and 14% of funding from donations. UN Climate Change Executive Secretary, Patricia Espinosa, welcomed the initiative. Bordeaux 2050 shook French wine circles before spreading to the wider scientific community and then news worldwide. It generated over 500 million organic impressions across headlines among The Huffington Post, Le Figaro, L'Express, Franceinfo, Science and Future, triggering 100 000 social media mentions. For the first time in history, climate-skeptics were forced to taste the negative effect of climate change, which they previously ignored.

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  • 2 x Cannes Lions Bronze
  • 1 x Cannes Lions Silver
Bordeaux 2050 McCANN Paris Bordeaux 2050 McCANN Paris Bordeaux 2050 McCANN Paris Bordeaux 2050 McCANN Paris

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